IMG_1083Artist, photographer, storyteller, traveler, collector of experiences…

As an artist, I am most naturally drawn to those wild places with a strong sense of place. Sense of place can be defined as the distinct identity and unique character of a specific location, but it also involves the perceptions and experiences of the individuals in that place. As a storyteller, I am primarily interested in how individuals develop relationships with their natural surroundings and the ways in which their personal experiences shape the collective identity.

It is my goal to depict the sense of place for places that I’ve been and places that I’ll go, and to tell the stories of the individuals who are connected to these places.

KELLI PARK has lived in Maryland, Texas, Alaska, New Hampshire, Maine (Mt. Washington Valley and the Midcoast), Ohio (Eastern, Southeastern, Northeastern, Western), Montana, Colorado, and California. She loves the vast, stark landscapes and the endless horizons of the Southwest, the islands and peninsulas of coastal Maine, and the sheer oceanside cliffs of the Canadian Maritimes. Kelli now finds herself in a cottage in Harpswell, Maine, which has more coastline than any other town in the U.S. She can think of nothing better.