The Future of the Cultural Corriente

Most of my research in the MSEd program in TESOL at the University of Southern Maine focused on developing new pedagogical strategies using multilingualism, creativity, and ethnography to create culturally responsive-sustaining classrooms in order to establish and cultivate space for individuals to explore their changing cultural identities while promoting equity and social justice. My interests have since expanded to include professional development and teacher training programs as I work to find ways to create more culturally responsive-sustaining educational experiences for multilingual learners to reframe, reshape, and re-envision the future of English language teaching and beyond.

Now in the process of pursuing a PhD in Leadership Studies with a focus on Leadership Education at the University of Southern Maine, I am diversifying my areas of research to delve more deeply into aspects of organizational creativity and intercultural communication competence to explore the convergences and divergences of our increasingly globalized communities in the work toward equity. My current research involves the immersive exploration of developing new ways to create sustainable, thriving multilingual and multicultural communities with a foundation in collaborative community programming that shifts the paradigms of the future.

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